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Helm Basic Commands

Install and Uninstall Apps

Install an app:

helm install [app-name] [chart]

Install an app in a specific namespace:

helm install [app-name] [chart] --namespace [namespace]

Override the default values with those specified in a file of your choice:

helm install [app-name] [chart] --values [yaml-file/url]

Run a test installation to validate and verify the chart:

helm install [app-name] --dry-run --debug

Uninstall a release:

helm uninstall [release]

App Upgrade and Rollback

Upgrade an app:

helm upgrade [release] [chart]

Rollback changes if the upgrade fails:

helm upgrade [release] [chart] --atomic

Upgrade a release. If it does not exist on the system, install it:

helm upgrade [release] [chart] --install

Upgrade to a specified version:

helm upgrade [release] [chart] --version [version-number]

Rollback a release:

helm rollback [release] [revision]

Download Release Information

Download all the release information:

helm get all [release]

Download all hooks:

helm get hooks [release]

Download the manifest:

helm get manifest [release]

Download the notes:

helm get notes [release]

Download the values file:

helm get values [release]

Fetch release history:

helm history [release]

Add, Remove, and Update Repositories

Add a repository from the internet:

helm repo add [repository-name] [url]

Remove a repository from your system:

helm repo remove [repository-name]

Update repositories:

helm repo update

List and Search Repositories

helm repo list

Generate an index file containing charts found in the current directory:

helm repo index

Search charts for a keyword:

helm search [keyword]
helm search repo [keyword]

Search Helm Hub:

helm search hub [keyword]

Release Monitoring

List all available releases in the current namespace:

helm list

List all available releases across all namespaces:

helm list --all-namespaces

List all releases in a specific namespace:

helm list --namespace [namespace]

List all releases in a specific output format:

helm list --output [format]

Apply a filter to the list of releases using regular expressions:

helm list --filter '[expression]'

See the status of a specific release:

helm status [release]

Display the release history

helm history [release] See information about the Helm client environment:

helm env

Plugin Management

Install plugins:

helm plugin install [path/url1] [path/url2] ...

View a list of all installed plugins:

helm plugin list

Update plugins:

helm plugin update [plugin1] [plugin2] ...

Uninstall a plugin:

helm plugin uninstall [plugin]

Chart Management

helm create [name]

Package a chart into a chart archive:

helm package [chart-path]

Run tests to examine a chart and identify possible issues:

helm lint [chart]

Inspect a chart and list its contents:

helm show all [chart]

Display the chart’s definition:

helm show chart [chart]

Display the chart’s values:

helm show values [chart]

Download a chart:

helm pull [chart]

Download a chart and extract the archive’s contents into a directory:

helm pull [chart] --untar --untardir [directory]

Display a list of a chart’s dependencies:

helm dependency list [chart]

Get Help and Version Information Display the general help output for Helm:

helm --help

Show help for a particular helm command:

helm [command] --help

See the installed version of Helm:

helm version