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How to upgrade the Unifi Controller Virtual Machine Installation


  • Access to Virtual Machine via SSH or Console
  • Read release notes for any active bugs and issues.

It's recommended to take the any form of backup, either snapshot of the vm or full backup.

Downloading the new version

You can download the new version from Ubiquiti's website here.

  1. In there switch tab to Unifi.
  2. Look for Unifi Network Application (Previously Unifi Network Controller) in Software section.
  3. Click Download and accepts the terms of download.
  4. Download the file or copy the file url.

Download URL

URL Replace the with the version you want to download.


  1. SSH or Console to the Virtual Machine.
  2. Upload the file or download the file into the Virtual Machine.

In PowerShell, type the following command:

Invoke-WebRequest -OutFile UniFi-installer.exe -Uri

Or you can use the browser to download the file.

  1. Run the file.

Open the file from explorer.